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Christening the Teaching & Tools Podcast

I was hired as a radio announcer when I was 15.  I had to wait two months until I turned 16 before I could start my training and go on air.  It was an incredible job, and a difficult position to give up nearly eight years later.  The debut of the Teaching & Tools Podcast feels like my triumphant return to the airwaves, even though the topical scope and technology have changed dramatically.  Differences aside, I’m happy to report the first episode of the Teaching & Tools podcast, Discussion Boards, is now available!

The first episode is a recap of a workshop offered on campus.  If you prefer reading to listening to me, check out the Discussion Boards transcript.  Either way, you can catch the essence of the workshop and its question and answer session.

Watch this space for future episodes.  I will be creating and posting an episode for each of the workshops from the winter/spring series.  I may even get fancy and add music and other creative embellishments.  It’s safe to say the radio bug has bit again…