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Canvas Tip: Sending Messages via the Gradebook

If you tend to use the SpeedGrader in Canvas (like I do), you might be overlooking some great features that are available in the Gradebook.  Clicking the Grades link transports you to a page with useful tools.  Here’s a quick review of what the Gradebook lets you do:

  1. Review the assignment details
  2. Set a default grade
  3. Curve grades
  4. Mute an assignment
  5. Jump to the SpeedGrader
  6. Send messages to different groups of students

The last item in the list is especially convenient when you want to reach out to students based on their assignment performance.  Using the “Message Students Who” feature allows you to contact all students who haven’t submitted an assignment yet, have ungraded assignments, scored less than or more than a specific grade (of your designation).

These features are available for assignments, quizzes, and discussion board participation.  It’s a worthwhile set of tools, and a convenient channel of communication!