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Video and audio feedback in Canvas

Grading assignments can consume a lot of time and energy, and if your experiences are similar to mine, there are occasions where you feel like you are typing the same comments over and over again.  Providing feedback in video or audio form can breathe new life into your grading process.  Your tone of voice, inflections, and emphasis can add a richness to the feedback that isn’t easily duplicated in text alone.  This approach can be refreshing for both you and your students, and it provides an opportunity to engage differently and add another dimension to your presence in the class.  This is especially true in online and hybrid classes.

Canvas streamlines the feedback process in the SpeedGrader, whether you choose text, an attached file, audio, or video.  All the options are described in this Canvas document on providing feedback.  Recording an audio or video file happens right in Canvas.  You don’t have to use external software to create and save the file.  It’s a seamless and approachable process, so long as you have the necessary hardware (a microphone and webcam).