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Teaching with Compassion

In the CTT blog we have provided lots of articles on best practices for helping students be more successful, and I hope that readers will feel, as Bonni Stachowiak says in her introductions to the Teaching for Higher Ed podcast intro, that we are offering suggestions and opportunities to facilitate ways of being more effective at the art and science of teaching and learning. For us, the big question is what do we really want our students to learn from us?

In this podcast with the late Peter Kaufman who taught at SUNY New Paltz in the Department of Sociology, he reminds us to practice self-compassion, “recognizing that teaching is hard,” and if we are “not compassionate with ourselves,” we are not going to be able to extend compassion to our students. In his most recent book, titled “Teaching with Compassion” (Rowman & Littlefield, 2018), Kaufman and co-author Janine Schipper offer practical approaches to fostering a caring and empathetic pedagogy. So many great quotes from Kaufman, including “students don’t suck.” We hope you will find this conversation engaging and time well spent.

Listen to the podcast here:

Another great article written by Kaufman: Learning to be human from my dog